Book Talk Ideas: Give me Thoughts

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For the past couple weeks, I’ve been spinning my wheels on an idea for a book talk idea for the classroom, and I would love some feedback.

Book Blog Memes are very popular across the internet. I’ve thought about bringing this into the classroom in a book talk format. I even have five different ones picked out for each day of the week.

I am not sure if it would become too much work for me as the teacher coming up with books for these each day, but I think if used properly, they may be an effective way of drawing students into reading and finding a new book.

For Monday, I would like to do It’s Monday, What Are You Reading. This would be simple enough because I would just bring copies of whatever reading material I was into at that time.

On Tuesday I would do Teaser Tuesdays. This is where a person opens their current reading book to a random page and shares two sentences from the page. This would be good in enticing students with wanting more from the book.

Wishlist Wednesday is a showcase of the books a person wants, but doesn’t have. I would probably use Goodreads to show the covers and give the back cover teaser for students. This would be to expose more literature to students and possibly motivate book lovers to lend a copy my way đŸ™‚ (yes, this is wishful thinking)

Thursday Quotables would be a sharing of an interesting quote from a book I’ve recently read. Again, another motivator and discussion point for the class.

Friday would be The Friday 56. This is where any book is taken, flipped to page 56, and a passage read from. This sounds like fun because anyone could randomly choose a book from my shelf and flip to page 56. It sounds fun and enticing to me.

What is wonderful about these is they can be used as a bellringer type exercise. Also, it wouldn’t take much for a student to lead them as well. It may be difficult work to incorporate and organize, especially if student participation slacks.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.


8 responses to “Book Talk Ideas: Give me Thoughts

  1. I really like the Friday 56 idea! I’m not sure you’d have time to do it each day. It might get a little labor intensive for you. You might start out with Mondays and Fridays and see how that works out. You can always add more later, if you feel it’s necessary. I think I might “steal” your Friday 56 idea, if you don’t mind!


  2. I love the thought of using the memes as a bellringer! I think that bellringers are great for getting kids’ attention and to bring the focus fully onto the lesson. I think that I would personally have some difficulty getting it to work everyday just because I am a talker and will probably run out of class time, but I think it’s a fantastic idea! đŸ™‚


  3. I think the memes could be fun, esp Mon, Tues, Thurs. I don’t think I would ever book talk a book I didn’t have in my hand to pass off to students, and I don’t think reading a random passage from page 56 would necessarily spark interest in a book, and that’s my goal: to sell these books.


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