I Love Book Lists!

It is no secret. I LOVE LOVE LOVE researching and looking up book lists. They often keep me up to date on what is happening in the publishing world, and tell me what books are making impacts, and also tell me what good books are not selling very well but would be well worth the read.

I started out on the Hub, looking at some of their articles. Somehow, without my knowledge, one of the articles was linked to a different website: Teen Services Underground. I took one look and went

love emoji

An entire menu of book lists!

Where have you been my entire life?!

Needless to say, my To Be Read list is growing.

Plus, my inner nerd is growing. I love breathtaking cover pictures of books. They sometimes make me read the book alone. For example, this book. When I saw the picture of a girl swinging over the city, I just about went to Amazon right then and there. Hooray for will power.

This is kind of a short post tonight, but if you are looking for inspiration for your next good book, I suggest trying Teen Services Underground. They have plenty of great content, and publish frequent book lists. Have fun reading!


14 responses to “I Love Book Lists!

  1. Zach. Why do you do this to me?! I just went and looked at Teen Services Underground’s website. I love the lists. There is really something for everyone. So many books, so little time! What a great resource- thanks so much for sharing! 🙂


  2. Like Regan, not sure whether to say thank you or cover my eyes and run away….nope, I will be visiting and geeking out along with you. ;oD


  3. I second Regan on this. I hadn’t explored that website. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE????? I can’t buy more books, I just can’t. But… maybe a few more wouldn’t hurt. 😉 I guess you only have yourself to blame.


  4. I’m not going to say what everyone else has said in their comments but I would have to agree with all of them! So many great lists! Way to go Zach…but in a good way!


  5. Why add more lists to my life? Because BOOK LISTS ARE AWESOME!!
    And thanks for having me add that book to my TBR. The cover and the Goodreads blurb are too intriguing. Good thing my birthday is next week – I can rationalize my multiple book purchases by claiming they are “birthday presents” to myself!
    Seriously though, I love that you share the amazing book lists you find. So, thanks.


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