Summer Reading Plan


As April comes to a close, and the sun shines upon May and the rest of the summer, that means I am excited about one thing: camp!

That’s right, I’m excited about working at a summer Bible camp!

I bet you were thinking I would say I was excited about reading, but let me give you a dirty little confession: I will not be reading anything new this summer.

I have about two weeks after the semester finishes before I head to camp. Once I arrive at camp, I am there until mid-August. If three years of experience has taught anything, it is that there is no time for reading.

From Sunday morning until Friday afternoon I will be involved in camp and church activities. Most of this time is spent in direct contact with children. What isn’t spent with children is taken up by working with other staff members and doing work projects that help improve the camp.

Most weekends will be spent either at camp or with family. I also have a girlfriend, and she and I will be spending some weekends together with her family. She has nine siblings, all younger than her. Except for an occasional story time that might happen for the little kids in my life, I will not have time on weekends for reading either.

What does this have to do with a summer reading plan? Well, I’ve outlined the reasons why I really won’t have any reading time this summer. Everything that I read will be books that I’ve already read before and will be presenting them around a campfire for campers.

There are five books that I will be rereading to others this summer. First is the Bible. This is a Bible camp, and I am the coordinator for K-3 grade camps. It is my job making sure that I present the Bible stories that every child should be familiar with throughout the summer, and I will be reading each one before hand so I may present it as accurate and age appropriate as I can.

Next, I have four Christian picture books that are cute and involve important learning lessons for kids. They are Firebird, The Tale of Three Trees, You are Special, and It Will Be Okay. Each of these books give encouraging messages about hope, love, and change. They may not be anything new to me, but I will be sharing the joy of reading and the message of the Gospel with children, two things that I enjoy very much.

I’ve noticed something after each of my last three summers of working at camp. My interest in reading and writing, as well as my skill level, is slightly higher after I am all done, even after this three month break of not having done much reading or writing. I think this is partly because working at camp fills my soul, and that full soul carries me through a good portion of the school year.

I can’t wait for the end of the school year, where summer begins again, and I can do what I love most working with kids at camp.


7 responses to “Summer Reading Plan

  1. I remember my summers at camp; there is no “me” time, and the rare minutes you can steal will be spent intimately with your pillow. However, reading something tried and true still counts as reading. Not only will you be leading kids in Bible you can use those times to encourage reading too.

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  2. Your post has got me all excited for camp as well!! I also outlined the struggles of reading while at camp but I am going to try and fit in some reading during the weekends and the car ride out to my brother’s wedding (though I may be driving so maybe I will listen to an audiobook instead :)).


    • I really want to start utilizing audiobooks, but I don’t have any yet. Because I am part of the leadership at my camp this summer, I am working many of the weekends, so my free time for possible reading is even less than usual. But it is a small sacrifice for the wonderfulness that is camp!

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